Token Info

TMS-Themis Governance Token

TMS is Themis Protocol’s governance token. It is deployed on Ethereum and can be circulated through cross-chain bridges. The total supply is 800,000,000.

Contract Address

Ethereum Mainnet
Rosten testnet

Token Utility


  • Lockdrop rewards for early Vaults users;
  • Mining rewards earned by depositors to the LendingPool;
  • Mining rewards earned by borrowers;
  • Liquidators Gasfee to be subsidized by mining rewards;
  • Incentivizing liquidity;
  • Stakeholder rewards for participating in governance.
  • For voting on renewal/upgrade/suspension/initiation of proposals;
  • For staking to obtain additional voting rights/weights;
  • Used to cover certain losses in lieu of risk.


  • For determining the use of the treasury's funds;
  • For donations;
  • For burning.
  • Whitelisting and staking for flash lending;
  • Whitelisting for protocol/DAO's to gain access to flash lending.

Token Allocation

Total token supply: 800,000,000 TMS:
  • 11.25% to Stakeholders;
  • 2.5% to Liquidity Bootstrap Auction
  • 8% to Lockdrop Participants;
  • 35% to Mining Participants;
  • 15.25% to Staking, liquidity;
  • 8% to Foundation Reserve;
  • 12% to Team Rewards;
  • 8% to Consultant and Marketing Incentives.