Create a proposal


Proposals can be submitted by filling in a proposal form or by posting in the proposal directly into the Forum.

  • Initiating a proposal requires a signature requiring 320,000 TMS;

  • If you do not have enough votes, you can ask to propose through a delegate. Each delegate has different thresholds and after meeting the threshold, the delegate will review your proposal and help you submit it;

  • The proposal status will be generated after the proposal is submitted;

  • After the initial review is completed, it will enter the code approval stage;

  • After the code approval is completed, the certified hash of the proposed code will be submitted to move to the next voting stage.

Types of Proposals

Themis proposal types are divided into the following categories: request addition, modification participation & increased generation, treasury distribution, and safety.

Proposal Contents

  • Summary

  • Methodology

  • Conclusion

  • Link to the attached Forum post

Themis governance discourse


The proposer's address will be recorded after the proposal is executed.

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