Themis V2 Documentation

Themis Token

The Themis Token ($TMS) is Themis Protocol's governance token. TMS tokens can create a new governance proposal, which can be voted on by users that have TMS and staked TMS(stkTMS).
TMS is designed to capture a portion of Themis's Protocol revenues, Themis distributes protocol fees to TMS by using 80% of protocol revenue to purchase TMS and put it into staked TMS rewards pool.
stake 1 $TMS will mint 1 stkTMS, Burn 1 stkTMS will unstake 1 $TMS.
Staked TMS(stkTMS) tokens are also used as incentives to bootstrap supply cap and borrow demand. The protocol distributes stkTMS tokens every block to suppliers, borrowers, proportional to the amount of tTokens & s/vTokens.


TMS captures protocol fees generated from Themis Protocol. 5%-25% of interest repaid from borrower will be reserved as protocol revenue. and purchase TMS to the staking reward pool.
TMS rewards can also be earned by staking LP tokens.