Themis V2 Documentation

Reward Season

Usually, DeFi protocols schedule emissions and hardcode their reward system years in advance. This is not the case with Themis. We believe that Themis’ needs will quickly evolve and that a long-term emission schedule may turn out to be too rigid.
Thus, Themis reward is organized in Reward Season. A Reward Season lasts around three months and sets new rules for reward emissions according to the protocol's needs.

Emission Rate

When a season reward is set, a specified number of tokens are placed in the reward contract and emission with a settled rate. This way is more fair compared to the general Genesis mining, because the rewards are counted according to the number of tToken & vToken held by the user and the time.
Supply asset will mint tToken to wallet. Borrow asset will mint s/vToken to wallet.
If the current TVL does not meet expectations during the season, then the season rewards may not all be issued and thus count towards the next cycle, and if the TVL exceeds expectations, then the rewards will end early before the season and will be initiated by the community as soon as possible for the next round of the reward season.

Claim Reward

stkTMS is based on the EIP-20 standard, so after the rewards are recorded at the address, they can be claimed by the user at any time through the Claim interface, and the rewards are allocated on a per-pool basis.
If the source of your rewards comes from multiple pools of settlements, we have set up a mechanism to collect them separately in order to prevent 'Out of gas' when collecting them.