About Themis

1. What is Themis?

Themis is an open-source protocol and will be the first platform to bring in-demand DeFi services to both the Metaverse and GameFi economies.
Users can easily access NFT collateral and GameFi liquidity. They’ll be able to earn DeFi yields that are driven by playing and consumption, not trading and speculation.
Themis enables users to collateralize holding UNI v3 LP NFTs to borrow stablecoins.
Themis brings liquidity to the otherwise illiquid metaverse.

2. Who are Themis’ partners?

We’re happy to say that we’ve already raised more than $2 million from some great investor partners like Chain Financial, LD Capital and NfX. Read more about that here: https://blog.themis.exchange/themis-the-first-defi-nft-lending-protocol-raises-2m-with-multiple-backers-including-dao-maker-4554fb9f578f
Also, we’re thrilled to be partnered with the launchpad DAO Maker. In fact, our TGE will happen through DAO Maker’s Strong Holder Offering (https://blog.themis.exchange/dream-of-being-a-vc-fbf45acea8fd) $DAO holders will be eligible to win multiple allocations of $TMS at Venture Capital valuation — i.e. the best pricing available!

3. How do I interact with Themis Protocol?

To use Themis Protocol, simply lend your preferred assets and set the amount. You’ll earn passive income based on the market demand. You can also use your UNI v3 position as collateral to take out a loan.

4. What is the cost of interacting with the Themis protocol?

Interacting with the protocol requires transaction fees for Ethereum Blockchain usage. This depends entirely on the current network status and transaction complexity.

3. Where are my deposited funds stored?

Your funds are allocated in a smart contract. The code of the smart contract is public, open-source, formally verified and audited by third-party auditors. You can withdraw your funds from the pool on-demand or export a tokenized (SP-Tokens) version of your lender position. SP-Tokens can be moved and traded as any other cryptographic asset on Ethereum.

4. What are SP-Tokens?

SP-Tokens are proof of your deposit used in a private vault. If you deposit 1 token, you will get 1 SP-Token; If you withdraw 1 token, 1 SP-Token will be destroyed.

5. Is there a mobile app?

Themis currently does not have a mobile app available. If you find one, it is a scam. Themis Protocol will never ask for your seed phrase or password.

6. Is there any risk? What are you doing to protect your investors' NFT assets?

No platform can be considered entirely risk-free. Smart contract (risk of a bug within the protocol code) and liquidation (risk on the collateral liquidation process) are the top two priorities for Themis. Every possible step has been taken to minimize the risk as much as possible-- the protocol’s code is public and open-source and has been audited.

7. How do you generate revenue from tokens? What is Themis’ revenue model?

The arbitrage margin for liquidation can be up to 20%, these gains will be up to the community to grab! No tech barriers!