NFT Avatar

Permission of NFT signature authentication to increase the collateral ratio

Themis allows for the use of NFT signatures to increase collateralization rate. However, this increases the risk of the borrow and is recommended for users that understand both the risks and mechanics of the transaction.

Main Functions

Adding NFT Collections

Signature qualification through Themis Governance Authorized Collections NFT.

NFT Signature

The Avatar contract approves the authorization information to the Borrow contract. After linking the wallet, the NFTs in the wallet can be read. Once the NFT is selected, the collateral rate that can be increased is determined by the contract. Signing will authorize the address to open the Advanced Collateral Ratio in the Borrow contract to collateralize the UNI-V3-POS for lending.

NFT Signature Rate

Advanced Collateral Ratio is initially 5%. The signature address can use a collateral rate of 0.7.
Once the NFT series is added by the Avatar contract, each NFT TokenID can be signed. When the signature rate exceeds 50%, users who sign with that series of NFTs can get an additional collateral rate of 10%.

Interface Information


  • Selection of readable NFTs for signing;
  • Replacement of signed NFTs.