Vaults manages user deposits by storing them in the form of an NFT. When users make a deposit it goes directly to the Lending Pool for lending. The SP-tokens will be locked in the NFT. Whenever SP-tokens are withdrawn, Vaults will claim interest to the user's address. Vaults users can also withdraw SP-tokens directly from the LendingPool.

Main Functions of Vaults

Long term Deposits & Earnings

To participate, users will select the asset for deposit, specify the quantity, select the time frame, and click “Deposit”. Once the transaction is confirmed, Vaults will mint an NFT for that deposit.
Current interest earnings on Vaults' Lending Pool are in the form of a floating rate. Other rewards will vary.

SP-token Vesting

When creating a Vault position (an NFT format), users will get SP-token, which will vest linearly.
Users will receive interest from lending, and earning from early farming when they withdraw the SP-token.


Vaults users will receive additional Lockdrop rewards based on the amount of unlocked SP-tokens held. Longer deposit periods are a factor in reward amount.

Interface Information


  • Select token type to display wallet balance
  • Enter the number of tokens
  • Select the period length of this deposit
Mint Vaults NFT
  • Click 'NFT' to manage Vaults positions
Created Vaults
  • Click ‘Withdraw’ to withdraw the now unlocked SP-token and settle all current interest and rewards.
  • Click on ‘Claim’ to withdraw only interest and rewards.

Charts Description

Deposit & Mint Vaults NFT

Calculating Method
Vault size
Vaults' total deposit dollar value
Accumulating the dollar value of all Vaults deposits
Current APY
Current LendingPool APY for this asset
Using Lending Pool APY
Total Supply
Total deposits of this asset at LendingPool
Using CurSupply
Estimate TMS Yields
Estimated rewards for current depositsEarly mining
Calculating TMS awards for current volume weights within one year
Estimated Current Yield
Estimated RewardTargetvalue/ Pre-saved TokenTarget_value

Vaults Dashboard

Calculating Method
My vaults
Dollar value of total user deposits
Total current acquired TMS
The current NFT collections name and TokenID
First deposit amount
Number of SP-tokens unlocked
TMS Reward
TMS rewards earned in this NFT
Vesting Remain
Remaining Unlocked Time

Vaults Info


  • The name of the deposit (token type + lock time);
  • The address corresponding to the NFT;
  • Token ID of the NFT.