Themis V2 Documentation


To establish Themis as a community-owned public good, the Themis Team needs to decentralize the protocol it has launched. To do so, it introduced $stkTMS and $TMS, the future governance token of the Themis DAO.
Later on, these tokens will both carry out a vote to:
  • Deploy Themis core smart contract deployments across multiple protocols and networks.
  • Curate the list of markets listed and other important parameters.
  • Decentralize the hosting of the front end to the protocol.
  • Govern the DAO Treasury.
Yet, this decentralization process must be carried out with the utmost care to develop the Themis Protocol successfully. The $stkTMS initially deployed by the Themis Team is non-transferable, and it will be up to the community to decide whether to make it transferable or not. The maximum total supply is 800,000,000 $stkTMS, Which can be a 1:1 swap with $TMS. More will be released on the governance of the Themis DAO soon.
1 $TMS mint will burn 1 $stkTMS, and staking 1 $TMS will mint 1 $stkTMS

Transaction Whitelist

$stkTMS has a transaction whitelist when it's been deployed. The whitelist only includes the reward contract address. This means the transaction can only be made between several related contract addresses until the whitelist is paused.