Themis V2 Documentation

Governance Beta

From administrator mode to community DAO
From a protocol security perspective, the protocol will gradually transition from an administrator model to a community-owned governance development. Eventually, Themis Protocol will be completely left to the community, TMS holders, and agents worldwide for governance.
We will open the TMS redemption and finalize the governance plan before the end of the two rounds of the Reward Season.

Time Lock

Completed polling transactions have a 2-day time lock to wait for the transaction to enter the deployment queue and eventually execute.Process

Status Tracking

Contract Additions
  • Solution refinement stage
  • Code Development stage
  • Code Review stage
Parameter modification/asset addition/decrease
  • Code Configuration stage
  • Code Publication stage

Treasury Allocation

  • Code Allocation stage
  • Code Disclosure stage


  • Internal Audit stage
  • Information Disclosure Phase
  • Voting time left
  • Current voting percentage
  • Succeed
  • Default
  • Scheduling Stage
  • Deployment Countdown
  • Information Disclosure
  • Locking in the height of the completed deployment block
  • Excuted