Decentralized Treasury

All Themis agreement revenues will be deposited into the Treasury, and ultimately voted upon to determine how they are to be used.

Revenue Streams

Interest Margin

  • Themis currently receives 5% of the interest returned by Borrower.

Gains from Liquidation

  • Upon liquidation of collateral, Themis will earn an additional 5%-20% of the value of the collateral.

Other Sources

  • Future sales revenue;
  • Donations or penalties earned in governance;
  • Other income such as benefits from revenue-generating programs.

Expenditure Patterns

All expenditure plans must be decided through a governance vote.

Execution of Repurchase

  • Repurchase TMS using the specified asset balance in the Treasury;
  • Repurchase TMS using the specified asset balance in the Treasury to the agent address;
  • Burning TMS in the Treasury.

Execution of Donation & Sponsorship

  • Use of designated assets in the Treasury for donations.

Execution of compensation

  • Payment of compensation to single or bulk addresses using assets specified in the Treasury.