Whitelisting for different DAOs

Currently, our Lending Pool only supports contracts that directly integrate with our ‘Borrow’ tab to collateralize UNI-V3 NFTs. However, in the future, our community will be able to vote on the whitelisting of DAO contract addresses for direct access to our lending pool's API.
These authorized addresses will be able to directly interface with our lending pool's contract API and access the funds in the Lending Pool. This will create the first ever DAO-2-DAO money market.
Whitelisting has the following benefits - 1. It reduces the risk of being exploited by flash attacks caused by direct swap contracts.
2. It increases the utility of our lending pool to service not just individuals but also DAOs. WAGMI!

Business Information Submission

Contact E-mail: [email protected]
For marketing: [email protected]

Governance Gateway

After reaching an eco-partnership with Themis, our team will assist you with the proposal to access our protocol.
  • Contract audit
  • Business Cooperation
  • Proposal published
  • Governance
  • Deployment